Writer for hire: I write articles (primarily service pieces) about management, company/team culture, and employee productivity, through the lens of remote work and distributed teams.

Speaker: I am available to speak to your team about working remotely. Topics I’ve covered include communication best practices, establishing and maintaining boundaries, and diversity and inclusion. Contact me at for rates and more info.

“Teresa was a wonderful speaker, and addressed so many concerns for our WFH parents. Not only did her tips help parents, but they also helped our non-parents become more supportive colleagues. Her lived experience made her relatable and warm. I would definitely recommend having Teresa speak to your team!”—Cat McClellan, Charity Water

“Having attended Teresa Douglas’ “Working Remotely” session brought clarity to how I work within my team and cross-functionally. I realized that I need to stay social by engaging with individuals on a personal level and being human first. This truly makes a difference in working as a team and “seeing” each other. Teresa mentioned inclusion during meetings and/or social gatherings being highly important. I knew this was true, but didn’t realize how this can change with hybrid environments. I’m preparing for post-COVID hybrid office meetings and know I’ll have Teresa’s comments top of mind.” –Natalie Mazzie, Virtual Events Manager, ATD Puget Sound